Recommended products (Seguno)

Coconut Candle - Vanilla Paradise Bumble and Birdie

Coconut Candle - Vanilla Paradise

$55.00 NZD
Our Vanilla Paradise Coconut Candle is enriched with a sweet and calming top note of vanilla followed by a warming caramel and musk finish. Sooth your soul and clear your...
Body Oil - Catching Feelings Bumble and Birdie

Body Oil - Catching Feelings

$59.00 NZD
  Catching Feelings Body Oil is a decadent plant-based oil blend of  comforting and aromatic pure Vanilla extract, sweet grounding Cinnamon Bark, exotic Ylang ylang & sweet floral Jasmine essential...
Body Oil - Boho Bumble and Birdie

Body Oil - Boho

$59.00 NZD
  Boho Body Oil is a decadent plant-based oil blend featuring a calming and relaxing scent of organic lavender, peaceful clary sage and sharp zingy grapefruit essential oils infused with...
Day Face Oil - The Goods Bumble and Birdie

Day Face Oil - The Goods

$55.50 NZD
The Goods is true to its name containing an active blend of natural plant based ingredients that are packed with goodness and yield a sweet aroma. Boost your skin each...
Body Butter - Bahama Mama - Bumble & Birdie NZ

Body Butter - Bahama Mama

$29.00 NZD$25.00 NZD
Rich and creamy, Bahama Mama Body Butter is 100ml of bright, fruity and sweet body moisturiser thats perfect for all skin types. Our body butter has a summer holiday vibe...
Essential Oil - Spearmint Bumble and Birdie

Essential Oil - Spearmint

$10.00 NZD
Restorative, stimulating and stress relieving Spearmint oil has been used to soothe ailments such as skin problems, headaches, nausea, vomiting, respiratory issues, and cold symptoms. Believed to be the oldest...
Gift Set - Face Mask Ritual Bumble and Birdie NZ

Gift Set - Face Mask Ritual

$65.00 NZD
Craft the perfect facial mask with this must-have set. Enjoy your choice of mask, along with a mini brush and handcrafted speckled clay pot. Create a truly natural yet customizable...
Handcrafted Stone Place Mats Bumble and Birdie NZ

Handcrafted Stone Place Mats

$40.00 NZD – $90.00 NZD
Bumble & Birdie, are inspired by the seasons and love a good foraging session which enables us to create our products from nature. We use plant matter, natural waxes, organic oils and extracts...
Face Toner Mist - Flora Bumble and Birdie

Face Toner Mist - Flora

$31.00 NZD
Experience the skin-nourishing benefits of this aromatherapeutic blend of neroli and rose with our Flora Facial Toner Mist. Our all-natural plant waters hydrate the skin deeply, making it the ideal...
Bath Bomb - Fresh as a Daisy - Bumble & Birdie NZ

Bath Bomb - Fresh as a Daisy

$9.50 NZD
Experience a peaceful bath moment with our bath bombs, made from natural ingredients including colloidal oatmeal, cocoa butter, epsom salts, lemon essential oil, green tea and cucumber fragrance oils.  These...
Face Oil Cleanse - Anti-everything Bumble and Birdie NZ

Face Oil Cleanse - Anti-everything

$49.00 NZD
Anti-Everything Oil Cleanse is a bright and refreshing cleanser that is non-irritating and can be used on all skin types. The grounding scent of organic kanuka & uplifting cold-pressed lime...
Body bar - Oatmeal & Honey Bumble & Birdie NZ

Body bar - Oatmeal & Honey

$11.00 NZD
Indulge your skin with our 100g of hot-pressed oatmeal and honey soap, formulated with luxurious ingredients for a heavenly aroma and radiant skin you can't help but admire. Our body...