What is Eco-Packaging

  • Apr 02
What is Eco-Packaging - Bumble & Birdie NZ

Where do our beauty product containers end up when we’re finished with them? 

This was an important question on our minds we begun formulating our products. Ensuring that our bottles are recyclable in NZ, packaging is compostable or reusable was what helped guide decision making on how our products were developed from conception to the customers end use.

So what are the differences?


​Items you can put in your roadside recycling bin. Plastic bottles (grades 1, 2 and 5) from your kitchen, bathroom and laundry


Items that are of recycled and upcycled materials reused as opposed to being discarded into the waste system.


Reusable Materials means items that are capable of being used again after minimal processing. Reusable Materials might be collected or possibly recovered through a processing facility.


Compostable packaging is made from a combination of various recycled, plant-based materials. Commonly, these include wood pulp, potato starch, bagasse, fungi, cotton and palm leaves. 


Biodegradable refers to the ability of things to get disintegrated (decomposed) by the action of micro-organisms such as bacteria or fungi biological (with or without oxygen) while getting assimilated into the natural environment. However this doesn't mean that items are capable of fully breaking down or biodegrade in a timely manner items that breakdown after 40 years are still classified as biodegradable.

What’s Eco-conscious Business Practices? 

Here at Bumble & Birdie we are eco-conscious and want to ensure our products produced for your enjoyment has minimal waste impacts on our natural environment. We believe we must nurture the resource we derive our flora from in a sustainable and respectful way. 

We do this by staying honest, thinking outside the box and a little research. This is something we will continue to stay ahead of the game with as our journey continues. 

Right now we’ve started by using eco-labelling on our recyclable and reusable jars and bottles and solid bars and candles.  We offer refillable bottles for our oils and candles locally. We don’t use single boxing for each product and our gorgeous nature inspired products come packed safely in natural compostable materials such as Woodwool, repurposed paper and foraged dried flowers and foliage. 

For our product packaging we’ve kept things simple and classic by using what nature provides us from seasonal foraged stunning dried flowers, potato starch to compostable courier bags and compostable courier labels. 

So what’s so good about compostable packaging? 

Compostable packaging will break down in a way that's far kinder to the environment than plastic after it has been used. When disposed of in the right way, compostable packaging will return to earth quickly and safely because it's made from plant-based and recycled materials.

Compostable packaging breaks down much quicker than biodegradable packaging. This is because compostable materials don't produce toxins as they deteriorate and it takes less time to degrade, and can also provide the earth with nutrients during the process.

Whats our commitment? 

When you purchase from us the bonus is our compostable packing looks fabulous in our gift boxes and parcels for you or that special someone. Simply take out the gorgeous products, tip the packing mix into your compost and reuse or recycle the card board gift box. Rustic, natural and guilt free. Shop our  Gift Sets