Face Mask - Powerhouse Green Clay Bumble and Birdie
Face Mask - Powerhouse Green Clay Bumble and Birdie
Face Mask - Powerhouse Green Clay Bumble and Birdie

Face Mask - Powerhouse Green Clay

This clarifying clay face mask will supercharge your life by tightening and brightening your skin. Powerhouse is a naturally green clay mask containing an intense mix of nourishing ingredients. French green clay is abundant in magnesium, calcium, potassium, manganese and selenium, while kaolin and maca root provide high levels of Vitamin C and essential fatty and amino acids. Topping off the formula are matcha green tea, renowned for its powerful antioxidants, and coconut milk, which increases elasticity.

If your skin needs a reviving and brightening this mask is for you!

Our Powerhouse clay face mask is composed of 100% natural, certified organic botanical ingredients, free from sulphates, parabens, and preservatives. As a waterless product, the need for preservatives is eliminated. See below for instructions on how to mix and apply the powdered mask with liquid.

For an extra special mask experience, use one of our clay bowls to mix your mask and one of our mask brushes to apply it. These are our mask ritual must haves. 

How to on powdered clay masks 

Powerhouse is perfect on its own, or pair with our Lush Facial Mist for extra nourishment to your skin. Our powdered clay masks pair nicely with our reusable microfibre cleansing sponge. 


French green clay, kaolin clay, maca, matcha and coconut milk

How to use

Mix 1 part clay to 1 parts water in your mixing bowl, mix together until you have a smooth and combined paste. (you don’t want a drippy messy consistency).

Apply to the face using an application brush or fingers and leave on for few minutes and relax. Rinse off the mask before it fully dries and follow with your favourite toning mist and moisturiser. Each 60g jar has up to 12 applications.

When it comes to powered clay masks you can jazz thing up by adding different liquids, you don’t have to always use water instead try fresh:

Almond, oat or coconut milk
Manuka honey
Unsweetened natural yogurt
1 drop of essential oil


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