Essential Oil Blend - Impish Bumble and Birdie

Essential Oil Blend - Impish

Take relaxing to the next level with our range of essentials and essential oil blends. 

Impish comprises of, peppermint, rosemary, organic lavender & basil essential oils


This essential oil blend, Impish, combines the powerful benefits of rosemary, peppermint, and lavender. Experience increased focus and concentration with rosemary, refreshing and soothing effects with peppermint, and calming and relaxation with lavender and stimulating basil for razor sharp focus.


Diffuse in an oil burner, add a few drops to a warm bath Impish empowers mischievousness, spread gaiety and make the personality smile use for content experience as part of your self time ritual. 

Treat yourself and pair with our aromatherapy, Bumble & Birdie Oil Diffuser.

How to use

Add 5 drop to a dispenser, add 5-10 drops in a bath, foot soak, shower. Use per essential oil precaution instructions

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