Essential Oil - Clary Sage Bumble and Birdie
Essential Oil - Clary Sage Bumble and Birdie

Essential Oil - Clary Sage

Clary Sage 100% Essential Oil  This pure essential oil is a powerful source of mental clarity, relaxation, and calming effects. It offers an array of therapeutic benefits backed by science and is an ideal way to promote calm and relaxation. 

This high-quality oil is extracted from the flowering plant that has been used for centuries to help relax the body and ease stress. The light, calming aroma of Clary Sage Essential Oil will fill your home or office and bring a sense of balance and peace.

Diffuse in an oil burner, add a few drops to a warm bath or add a drop when mixing your face mask for an ultimate pick me up experience as part of your self care ritual.

Treat yourself and pair with our aromatherapy, Bumble & Birdie Oil Diffuser.


100 % Clary Sage Essential Oil

How to use

Add 5 drop to a dispenser, add 5-10 drops in a bath, foot soak, shower. Use per essential oil precaution instructions


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