Gift Set - Immerse Diffuser &   Blends Bumble and Birdie

Gift Set - Immerse Diffuser & Blends

Immerse Yourself in Our Essential Oil Diffuser and Blends Set

Take relaxing to the next level with our hand crafted Clay Diffuser & Essential Oil Blend Gift Set.  

Included in the set are our top-selected blends of essential oils, each with a unique aroma profile and therapeutic benefits. The blends are carefully formulated from high-quality, pure essential oils, ensuring a safe and pleasing aromatherapy experience. Whether you need a pick-me-up during the day or a stress-reliever before bedtime, our versatile blends cater to your every mood.

Whether you want to attain serenity after a long day, improve your focus while working, or create an inviting ambiance for guests, this set has you covered. Each blend harnesses the beneficial properties of botanic extracts, offering a natural and holistic approach to wellbeing.

Experience the difference that aromatherapy can make in your daily routine. 

How to use

Add 5 drop to a dispenser, add 5-10 drops in a bath, foot soak, shower. Use per essential oil precaution instructions


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