Cold & Hot Processed Soap

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Our Body Bars are made from selecting various oils and mixing them with lye. The reaction between oil and lye means that all the chemical qualities of the lye are broken down and rendered inert by the time you get a bar of soap. There are a few different ways of making soap.

Cold Processed Soap 

Cold process soaps are saponified at room temperature, with no warming or rinsing. Sometimes oils can be slightly warmed to achieve a homogenous mixture (for example, when adding coconut oil to a recipe). Cold process soapmaking is quite long. Once the mixture has been poured in a mold, the soap must be cured. This soap takes about 6 weeks before it is cure and hard enough to use.

Try our Cold Processed Horohia & Kowhai Bar

Hot Processed Soap 

Starts the same as cold process soap but with a couple of additions. Once you have started the reaction between the oils and lye the mix is 'cooked' in a crock pot. This allows it all to be used quicker than cold process. You can also add in specific oils right at the end for specific uses ie hemp oil or almond oil. This soap can be used right away but is very soft so it is best to leave for about 4 weeks before using.

Try our Hot Processed Oat & Honey Bar

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