Candle lovers let’s talk wicks

Candle lovers let’s talk wicks - Bumble & Birdie NZ

Candle Lovers, let's talk wicks, why is wick choice important in the candles we purchase?

All wicks weren't created equal, there are kinds of wicks in candles on the market, for example, synthetic fibre wicks, linen wicks, silk wicks, hemp wicks, wood wicks, cotton wicks and more.

At Bumble & Birdie, we are all about eco-wicks created from quality natural materials. We've chosen the two most popular wicks made from natural fibres, cotton and wood to see what they bring to the candle game. 

Here’s the Bumble and Birdie low down on wood wicks vs cotton wicks 

Some of you may love traditional easy-to-light braided cotton wicks and others may have tried wood wicks and either mastered the extra maintenance they require or failed not utilise your candle to its full potential and waste your valuable money in the process.

Cotton Wicks

Cotton wicks are made with tiny natural cotton fibres that are twisted or braided together and cured with natural wax to create a single cotton thread while wooden wicks also a natural material are made with slabs of wood that are precisely cut to fine measurements.

For both wicks, it is important to burn your candles until the wax has completely melted to the edges of the jar creating a beautiful burn pool to get the best out of your candle. 

Wood wicks 

Wood wicks offer a subtle bonfire-like cracking sound to the atmosphere however, they require a great deal of care and attention but are worth the effort once you become accustomed to them. Cotton wicks offer a tall bright flame that can withstand low draft and are typically less expensive and easier to maintain.

Both wick types offer benefits and drawbacks 

Let’s break down Wood wicks - a biodegradable and renewable choice

  • Wooden wicks are made of natural wood¬†without varnish, paint or dyes.
  • wooden wicks are not toxic
  • wooden wicks typically burn lower and smoulder over time.
  • can be harder to light, and keep alight after the second burn
  • diffuse heat more rapidly into the wax and increases 35% more fragrance throw
  • burn longer than cotton wicks
  • burn much cleaner than cotton
  • perfect for indoor use with a lower draft
  • wooden wicks¬†provide a sustainable alternative to cotton wicks, but they‚Äôre not substantially greener.¬†

Let's break down Cotton wicks - a 100% natural choice

  • Cotton wicks do tend to ‚Äúmushroom‚ÄĚ, which means carbon builds up on the wick which is why you get smoke when they are burning
  • 100% cotton wicks provide a clean and non-toxic burn
  • cotton wicks will produce a tall flame at the tip of the wick
  • cotton wick is the one that is most used for scented candles¬†are much easier to light and keep alight
  • burn faster than a wood wick so your candle won't last as long
  • ideal for outside use and can withstand a light draft
  • made of natural fibre are ecological and environmentally friendly

Wick usability

Wood and cotton wicks ignite easily upon the first lighting; however, wooden wicks need a bit more care and time on the second and subsequent lightings, while cotton wicks are more quick and convenient.

If you trim a cotton wick, the candle will light in 3 seconds, while wooden wicks may take up to 20 seconds to light, or it may even take 2-3 attempts as they require more time to burn through the outermost charred layers of wood.

Wood wicks provide an excellent scent throw since they help warm the wax around the edge of the candle instead of just burning it off quickly with a tall flame. The horizontal flame and wooden wicks produce more heat, infusing more fragrance into your candle and giving off a more aromatic scent.

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Cotton wick candles, provide a taller flame that quickly burns all the fragrances from the wax. You may notice that following an intense burn or if the candle has burned longer than 4 hours at a time, subsequent burns will be less scented.

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Ultimately, the main difference is your preference for the atmosphere each wick casts off and candle maintenance.

Maintaining a wood wick is much more involved than a cotton wick, but, if you can properly maintain a wood and cotton wick, it just comes down to preference of atmosphere. The wood wick provides a less bright, smouldering, crackling ambience while the cotton wick has a brighter more traditional flame.

If you don't mind maintaining your candle, a wood wick is a great option, but if you prefer minimal maintenance, the cotton wick is for you.

We love candles made with quality and clean ingredients although they can be more expensive they will provide a far superior burn and scent throw. I hand-pour and choose sustainable and rustic options, such as our gorgeous biodegradable wood-wick Coconut Candle and wood-wick hand-made Clay Bowl Candle to bring some earthy ambience and beautiful scents into your space. While maintaining eco-conscious practices.

Bumble & Birdie curates gorgeous sustainably-minded Gift set combinations of our Candles with wood wicks and cotton wicks in a range of stunning scents. 

We've combined our candles with our home decor, skincare and body care products to suit many occasions, these sets provide the whole package when we are seeking that quiet night in, self-time, mind-wellness and body nurturing experience are Candle Gift Sets. 

For those addicted to our scents and want to try all of the scents in one hit. We've put them into collection sets that save you money. Our slick Tin Candle Collection Set is made with 100% soy wax and cotton wicks containing four of our favourite scents. The stylish Jar Collection Set is made with 100% soy wax and wood wicks containing five gorgeous scents suitable for all moods and occasions.  A Bumble & Birdie best seller the Coconut Candle Collection Set is a sensory overload, made with a very wide wood-wick, a perfect match to the deep natural coconut bowl and 100% coconut wax.

We would love to hear your personal candle wick preferences cotton or wood?........

If you would like to hear more from us, indulging in nature, product how-to's and our adventures resourcing our raw ingredients. 

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Until next time, keep it clean

¬†Crew Bumble & Birdie NZ TaupŇć